5/8" x 1/2" Master Meter Irrigation Water Meter, US Gallon, Brass body, NEW BL04
Master Meter Water Meter5/8" x 1/2" - US GallonAWWA Brass Body For Irrigation or Industrial Uses This is a standard brass water meter that is great for irrigation or industrial use only. This meter is used for non-domestic use such as pond filling, garden and landscape watering, livestock use, and sprinkler systems. Due to new regulations on lead content, this meter can no longer be used for domes ...  More
Master Meter Dialog 2G Pit Lid Touchpad Adapter or Touchread Lid Hole plug
Master Meter Pit Lid Adapters For Dialog Touch and Dialog 2G pit modules Also for plugging touchread holes in pit lids Mounting kit for installing Master Meter Dialog Touch and Dialog 2G pit modules in Touchread pit lids through 1.75" hole Also works without modules to plug pit lid holes when converting from Touch To radio AMR/AMI Systems 2 Parts, Top shaft with slot for Touch module, and Screw on ...  More