Itron Centron Electric Meter CL200, 2S, 240V, 60Hz, w/ Master Meter 3G AMR radio
Itron Centron Electricity Watt Hour MeterWith Internal Master Meter 3G AMR Radio Transmitter Standard residential electric watt hour meter for commercial or municipal utilities or submetering. Itron Centron Solid State LCD Display Electric meter Class 200, Form 2S 240V, 60 Hz LCD Display - solid state electronic meter Type C1SX See photo with labeling for more info Master Meter "Dialog 3G" AMR Tra ...  More
5/8" x 1/2" Master Meter BL04 Water Meter, US Gallon, No-Lead brass body, NEW
Master Meter Water Meter5/8" x 1/2" - US GallonsNo Lead Brass Body This is a standard brass water meter that is great for submetering apartments, mobile homes, or residences. 5/8" x 1/2" Bottom Load Multi-jet Water Meter (BLMJ) 5/8" flow capacity 1/2" AWWA Meter Threads (Actual thread O.D. approx 1") 7-1/2" Lay Length Typical and most common meter size for residential use on 1/2" service lines US ...  More