Introducing The worlds first low cost, high power, light weight, portable, pellet mill. We have listened to our customers suggestions over the years. Our company has designed the lowest cost, most user friendly, highest power, residential size pellet mill available on the market today. This machine can provide the average person with the ability to produce their own renewable heat source, animal f ...  More
NOW is the best time to produce biomass pellets. Our pellet mills provide the average person with the ability to produce their own renewable heat source from free or inexpensive materials. With one of our pellet mills, you will be pelletizing all sorts of biomass materials in no time at all. You will be able to make pellets for your friends and family and get them to PAY YOU! You will love staying ...  More
STIHL 12 inch carving kit bar 1/4 pitch with chain and sprocket MS170-MS251 Stih
STIHL 12 inch carving bar plus clutch drum, Plus 9 tooth sprocket for 1/4 pitch and 64DL chain. This also converts the antique paddle wheel sprocket to a more modern Rim sprocket, plus the 9 tooth will cut much better than anything on the market and we are the only place in the world you can buy them. Comes with one chain and Rim sprocket to fits newer small stihl saw MS170 MS171 MS180 MS181 MS200 ...  More
PILTZ Chainsaw TWIN Felling Dog SET Stihl MS260 thru MS362 Improved 10-10-15
PILTZ Professional Chainsaw Felling Dog Fits Stihl MS260 MS261 MS270 MS271 MS280 MS311 MS290 MS360 MS361 MS362 MS390 & some others. Some buyers reported the outside dog doesn't fit the MS290 without some modification. New Improved version 10-10-15 these are specialy treated dogs that will outlast your saw. in stock for immediate delivery. NO screws provided. This is one inside dog and one outs ...  More
100 Feet 1/2" Pro Series Professional Arborist Rope 16 Strand NEW Stock 2016
Continental Western 5500Lbs Arborist Rope NEW STOCK Manufactored 2016 CWC For the price listed you are buying 100 feet but you can buy as many as you want up to 600ft. International 200 feet maximum. Color Red with Tan tracer. 100 FEET NEW Arborist Rope 1/2 inch 5500Lb BREAKING STRENGTH. Sold 100 feet at a time, it will be kept one piece no matter how much you buy! Priced to move quick! NEW STOCK ...  More
STIHL 3/8 050 gauge chain for 28 inch bar 91 drivers full chisel full skip RSLFK
WARNING!!! Short bars with aggressive chain are VERY dangerous, please read all warnings and use at your own risk. You are buying one Stihl chain 91 Drivers 3/8 RSLFK full skip full chisel >.050 Gauge. fits most 28 inch bars. Professional use chain will kick back and can be dangerous, don't buy this if you're not a trained user, this is the good stuff they dont want to sell to homeowners, use a ...  More
PILTZ Chainsaw Felling Dogs Fits Stihl MS260 MS261 thru MS390 Improved 10-10-15
CARABINER Aluminum Fusion Twist Lock 22KN or 5000Lb
ROPE GRAB- Optimus 23kn 5200Lb rated Steel will take up to 5/8 Rope
Climbing Arborist Terra-Max Rope Grab 25Kn Metal
OREGON 3/8 saw chain for 20 inch bar 72 drivers full chisel full skip .050 gauge
STIHL 3/8 chain 84 drivers 063 gauge full chisel full skip RSLFK for 25 inch bar
Tree Climbing Spikes Spurs Arborist Tree Surgeon Replaceable tree/pole gaffs
3/4" Pulse Output Water Meter - Cubic Feet Gallons Stainless Remote Readable #39
Arborist US Rigging supply Flip Line 1/2 X 8 with built in swivel New Flipline
CARABINER STEEL Screw Locking 40KN or 9000Lb
USR Aluminum NFPA Carabiner 27kn Twist Lock 27KN 6000Lb Triple Lock USR-107-A3T
Lineman, Arborist Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Buckingham, 6', New
3/4" Pulse Output Gas Meter - Measure Natural Gas, Propane LPG Use Remotely #40
STIHL 3/8 chain 32 inch bar 105 drivers full chisel full skip .050 gauge RSLFK